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Pre-K4 - 9th Grade Classical Christian School 1388 State Hwy 205 Rockwall!

What to Expect in Kindergarten

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Mark 10:14


Social Studies: Through this teacher created study, students will learn about aspects of God's world including their community and our great nation.  Some favorite units are: Around the World, Native Americans, and Texas.

Language Arts: The Language Arts program focuses on phonemic and phonological awareness skills by helping children build upon their knowledge of letters and sounds to blend, segment, and manipulate them through the use of Primary Arts of Language. Students read primers and study sight words which includes the use of plenty of games, activities, and stickers add interest for the child. Students will be taught how to write, from printing practice and sentence formation to early grammar, story sequence analysis, and writing paragraphs.

Science (Elemental Science): Students learn about our Creator and His creation through chemistry, physics, biology, and earth science lessons.  At least once a week, the teacher plans a hands-on investigation or experiment.  At home, students complete a nature study journal with their parents.

Math (Saxon):  Math One teaches children to skip count by one's, two's, five's and tens, identify ordinal position to tenth, master all basic addition and subtraction facts, measure using inches, feet, and centimeters. It also teaches how to add pennies, nickels, dimes, & quarters, draw polygons, and observe information from real graphs, pictographs, and bar graphs.  Students participate in math centers with games and activities that reinforce math skills being taught.


Kindergarten students have the opportunity to participate in specials  each Monday and Wednesday (Art and PE).  


Kindergarten students receive 30 minutes of vocabulary Latin instruction twice a week.  Vocabulary is learned through music, chants, flash cards, and more.


Classroom and family come together for "Grandparents Day", "Muffins with Mom" and "Donuts with Dad."  Students enjoy a Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Around the World, Valentines celebration, and an Egg Hunt.  At Christmas time, each class will perform a song while the end of the year is reserved for "Night of the Stars", a fine arts talent and arts celebration.

Kindergarten students celebrate the "Hundredth Day of School" and Texas Day!

Students enjoy playing together outside during recess for 30 minutes each day.