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Pre-K4 - 9th Grade Classical Christian School 1388 State Hwy 205 Rockwall!



Providence Academy has implemented a thorough admissions process in an attempt not to be exclusive but to be inclusive of families who strongly desire a Christian education with an emphasis on character development and parental involvement. The admissions process involves the following steps:

  1. Attend an informational meeting to receive an overview of the school.
  1. Read the following books on the University-Model and Christian and classical education:
  • Kingdom Education by Glen Schultz (required reading before the family interview, may be purchased online at or
  • Character Driven Education by John Turner (available through the school only)
  • Read the following booklet detailing classical education by our August training
  1. Prayerfully consider your family’s needs for education and whether those needs would best be met by Providence Academy.
  1. Complete an online application for each student applying. Remit any recent reports or standardized test results by mail, fax, or email. Submit a copy of your child’s birth certificate and vaccination records. Remove the Records Release Form at the back of your packet, complete the top portion and send the form to the School Principal, Administrator, or Guidance Counselor at your child’s prior school. Please forward the Academic Referral form to your child's current teacher (if applicable). Forward the Pastoral Reference form to your family's pastor or church staff member.
  1. Participate in a family interview to be scheduled (PA administration will contact you) after your application, all referral forms, and current school records have been received. This interview’s purpose is to discuss the compatibility of the family’s goals with the school’s methods and philosophy. Parents will need to have read the required reading prior to the scheduling of a family interview because the interviewers will ask questions pertaining to the books.
  1. Assessment-all incoming K4-9th grade students will be administered a Providence developed entrance assessment to be scheduled by our testing coordinator. Tests are administered during the admission process in order to ensure that each family might better determine the comparative relationship between the student and PA’s level of course work. Testing results may influence student placement.
  1. Determination-upon admission acceptance, you will receive an acceptance letter via email. At that time, you will enroll your student through our website and sign an enrollment agreement

With your application, please submit the following by email, fax, or mail:

  • Birth certificate
  • Vaccination records

Upon submitting an application, please have the following documents emailed, faxed, or mailed:

  • School records (if applicable) using a Records Release Form
  • Academic Referral
  • Pastoral Reference

Mailing Address:

Providence Academy Attn: Alissa Mauldin 3021 Ridge Road, A22 Rockwall, TX 75032

Admissions Email: